Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Painting Sunflowers

Dear All, I
am forwarding this info from a PAF member. I know nothing about this, but you may enjoy it.

Dear Artists:

This weekend I will be in the "Field of Gold" painting sunflowers and hopefully a few interesting figures will fall into my composition. The field of sunflowers is in full bloom right now so I will be taking advantage of this opportunity. The sunflower is a beautiful example of the golden mean. For information type in the golden mean and sunflowers and enjoy the various web sites. Hope to see you there! If you need to get a hold of me call me at 813-417-5867.


Last year hundreds of people visited the Sunflower fields in Dover, FL. The farmer, Mr. Jones, started this field (approximately 7 acres) last year and people enjoyed it so much that he planted sunflowers again. Sunflowers are short lived in Florida. They have to be plowed under before the seeds hit the ground to make way for the strawberries.

Plein Air painters have permission to paint the fields and will be welcome. The rules are "do not disturb the sunflowers" by picking or pulling them up by the roots. People take pictures and they want everyone to enjoy them. If you need to pick a sunflower go behind the fruit stand.

The fields are just beginning to bloom right now and it is unknown when the peak will be.

Directions: I-75 to Brandon. Route 60 East through Brandon about 7 miles. Look for Brandon Farms on the right hand side. Bring umbrellas & water. Watch out for fire ants in the fields. Bug spray & cream for bites.
Early morning is a good time.

Brandon Farms Market
Contact: Debbie Holt
Mailing PO Box 93
Address: Sydney, FL 33587-
Physical 3931 State Road 60 East
Address: Dover, FL 33527-
Phone: (813) 685-4208
Fax: (813) 764-8098
Roadside Stand/Market
Cucumbers-Pickling/Eggplant/Grapefruit/Grapes/Strawberry Products/Syrup/Tangerines/Tomatoes
Honey/Hot Sauce/Jam/Lettuce/Watermelon

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The Epiphany Artist said...

And I had to go to Kansas to get my photos for Sunflower paintings!