Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Val Sandell: Paintings of Historic Spanish Point

Val Sandell: Paintings of Historic Spanish Point
Visitors Center Museum Exhibit Gallery
February 13 ~ April 30, 2008

Historic Spanish Point is a beautiful 30 acre historic museum site in Osprey, FL, which is essentially south Sarasota. The history spans from 5000 years ago, which includes an archaeological site, through pioneer era to the winter estate of a wealthy Chicagoan, before it was donated as a museum site. I've done many plein-air paintings there, so was invited to exhibit those, as well as large format studio pieces. Boasting the highest spot on the southwest coast, it has some unique views.
If painters would like to make a field trip, it has a wealth of subject matter. I also have an excellent restaurant recommendation for lunch or dinner after viewing the exhibit. It's five minutes from the Museum Exhibit Gallery.

Val Sandell
email: valartist@aol.com

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