Tuesday, November 4, 2008

An Invitation from Butterfield Garage Coop Gallery for Plein Air Florida Members

Please email the gallery directly if you have interest.
Linda Blondheim's new email is: lindablondheim@gmail.com

From: Jan Miller

our website is: www.butterfieldgarage.com

We are a cooperative of professional artists who live and work in St. John's county. We have had a great idea that may appeal to the Plein Air Society of Artists. We would propose having a space in our gallery for about 4 of your artists to exhibit their works. It would be good publicity for Plein Air and those that exhibit may very well sell some art. We would ask for 20% of the sales and the cost per month would be $200.00. Those that show could rotate their work. They would not have to do anything else except change out the exhibit every 2 months or so. Split 4 ways that is only $50 a month per artist and the work would be highly visible. We have tremendous Art Walks on the First Friday of every month...where upwards of 300 people come through the gallery. Please give this some thought....we think it is a great idea. let me know.

Jan Miller

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