Saturday, March 31, 2007

Wekiva Report


This report is a bit late but I've been a bit busy. This is a group photo of many of the painters and staff from the Wekiva Invitational Paint Out in March.

It was a great event and many paintings were sold. The facilities were primitive but fine, cabins in the state park. We were treated royally, with catered meals, and a comfortable dining hall where we could relax, watch movies or paint at night. Some of the painters brought slides of their paintings, others brought books.

This was a wonderful event because most of us lived together at the camp for a week, and had a lot of social time, talking shop and just being kids together again. It was essentially, summer camp for painters.

The place was very pretty with lots of good painting sites. We were well taken care of. You can see more photos of the event on my Florida Paint Out Blog on the link list to the tight on this page.

Linda Blondheim

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