Tuesday, March 27, 2007

This and That About Our Transition to Blogger from Yahoo

TO: PAF members

I would like to suggest that you now start posting messages directly to the blog, as it is set up and ready. If you cannot figure out how to get on the blog team for PAF send me your messages and I will post for you. You will need to check your spam filters to find the invitation if you did not receive it. As I said previously, please leave posting to the leaders of your individual groups so that we do not have multiple posts of the same information.

RE: Posts about other peoples workshops

Please let the workshop teacher do their own posting or send it to me at my email and I will post. We are getting lots of posts from people other than the workshop teachers and it gets annoying after a time to keep getting post after post about workshops from people who are not teaching. All workshop teachers are welcome to post their own workshops but please do it yourself or give it to me to post for you. Do not ask your friends to do it for you. If you want to have friends pass them back and forth in your individual group emails, that's great, but not through PAF please.

I am shortly going to close this yahoo account so please switch over to reading the blog asap.

For those who are inexperienced in blogging, a blog stands for web log. It can be updated every day and is more attractive than a message group like Yahoo. Spam is controlled by me( owner of the blog ). Since people cannot post to the blog unless I invite them, spam will be at a minimum. It is possible to upload images as well as text, and live links to web sites. I have already begun to add web sites for Plein Air Florida members. The blog looks like a web page. If you wish to have non- Florida Plein Air information shared, please ask David to put it on the PAF web site. The blog is for members only, not out of state plein air organizations.

If you feel the need to post regularly and you have not received the invitation from me, please send me your email. If you want to just receive the posts in your email box, please put your email address in the FeedBlitz sign up box on this page. I believe if you will give this a chance, you will be very pleased with the blog.



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